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I would be off hiatus now, except that I'm in the northeastern US and due to Weather, my power is flickering. So I may disappear suddenly anytime in the next couple of days. Hooray?
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Okay, I am retroactively calling a complete hiatus starting Saturday morning and going to the end of this week, because this week has been and will continue to be completely crazy. I may slowly and sporadically continue ongoing threads, but I won't be starting new ones.

This applies to Mitsuko, Narumi Shouhei, and Leliana.
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[Okay, so! Real life and time zones being what they are, I have failed a bit at finding my counselees. Therefore, Narumi and Mitsuko are available in this post for counseling funtimes. I am also cool with backdating things if necessary.]
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They are below. )

ETA: Whoops, forgot to cut this! Sorry about that.
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Character: Mitsuko
Series: Leviathan
Character Age: early 20s
Job: Surgical Assistant
Canon: The distant future, the year 2000: the world is ravaged by war, causing refugees to flock to the relatively-peaceful Japan, and supernatural weirdness is running rampant. In response, the shaman Samizo Kouhei (who claims to be Leviathan, harbinger of the Apocalypse) sets up a psychic-surgery clinic where he and his doctor girlfriend take on cases where the supernatural and the medical intersect in gruesome ways. In the process, they often end up foiling the plans of the refugees, who, being foreign and all, are mostly evil.

There are exceptions, though — like the Belgian refugee who calls herself Mitsuko. A hooker with a heart of snark by night, by day she's an assistant and general put-upon errand-girl for the protagonists. Her knowledge of medicine is pretty lacking, but she catches on quickly enough, and is a loyal, if sometimes brutally honest, friend. And while she may complain (a lot) about the bizarre events that surround her, in the end she's always willing to pitch in when an extra pair of hands — or her witch powers — are needed.

Sample Post:

I'm not sure I'm qualified for this job, but hey, I'll take what I can get. How hard can it be, anyway? I'll just stand here, and you let me know if you need the scalpel or the... tube thing, or the... what the hell is that, it looks like a torture device... uh, maybe you could just point. That might work best for both of us, since you don't seem too talkative. Well, that's okay, I like the strong, silent type. Though I've gotta admit that you're a bit hairy for my tastes. Hey, don't look at me like that — a girl has to have some standards.

What are we even doing to this poor guy? He looks like he's beyond help, if you ask me, but then I'm not the doctor here. And what's with the red nose? Is he a clown, or is dressing up the patients after they're knocked out what passes for a joke around here? ... Oh, it's attached. Well, I guess that's not the weirdest thing I've ever seen growing from a human body — don't ask about that, you don't want to know, trust me.

Right, so this file says we're removing his... funny bone? That can't be right, can it? I may not have been to med school, but I think I know a figure of speech when I hear one. And anyway, don't people generally need all their bones? I mean, organs are one thing — you wouldn't believe what I've seen some people do without organs — but without bones, wouldn't he just kinda flop around? The file doesn't even say why we're supposed to take the thing out. So do you feel like explaining, or are you just going to keep sitting there and poking the patient with tweezers?

Look, I really think it's rude of you not to answer any of my questions. Just because I'm a witch doesn't mean I'm a mind-reader, you know. I'm more in the voodoo-doll line, really. Which is something I'd like for you to keep in mind when I ask you to tell me, truthfully, whether you're even a doctor at all.

... Okay, word of friendly advice, here. Next time you want to forge a diploma? Don't do it in crayon.


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